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The four zodiac signs will have the most luck in terms of love and finances, reveals numerologist and astrologer Stefan Dragojlović.

This week I start with the number two, and astrologer and numerologist Stefan Dragojlović revealed what it brings us in the show „150 minutes“ on Prva. Four signs will be very lucky when it comes to love and finances, but it is important to pay attention to some things.

„The deuce is destiny in numerology, what we cannot influence. They say that we cannot influence two things, the moment of birth and the moment of death, and we can largely control everything else, unless we are in a week or a year number two. Then a person should rely on intuition. This week we should give in to emotions, feelings, we will be more attached to the house, family, home. Two symbolizes the female principle, mothers, wives, sisters. Women will have a greatly enhanced intuition, so, if we don’t know something, we should ask them for advice,“ said Dragojlović and revealed what we should pay attention to when it comes to health.

„On the stomach and the stomach. We will be sensitive to other people’s energies, we will be hypersensitive, we should not be exposed everywhere. Drink more fluids, drink teas, because the two symbolizes plants. Avoid fast food, you should eat everything cooked and homemade. Also, pay attention to your back, knees, and don’t get stuck somewhere, don’t fall,“ said the astrologer.

Who will be the luckiest?

„A deuce can be a nuisance, it can symbolize negative energy. A deuce is good for attracting money, and it symbolizes everything that is changeable because the first is an even number. All people who were born in a double sign, which are Pisces, Cancers, Aquarius and Gemini, they will have the most luck with couples and in love. They will probably fall in love or open up to new acquaintances. It will be very interesting, since we have entered the period of Aquarius, and the eleventh house in astrology symbolizes social networks. Through them, interesting events arise,“ he said. Dragojlovic added:

„This week’s protective colors are white and green. We will strengthen our personal energy so that others do not disturb us with other people’s energies. We will strengthen our barriers and have clear boundaries. The guardian code for this week is 4723, it is four digits, because this week January and February also catch us. This is the week of mystery,“ said the numerologist.

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