Killed in Srebrenica brought by buses – born in Sarajevo, killed in Srebrenica, I live in Germany! –


A large number of buses from Europe and Scandinavia arrived in Potocari today to mark the genocide in Srebrenica. The victims themselves say more about this for Zicer.

– It was terrible! When my mother from Srebrenica called me to ask if I had died in ’95, I said firmly that I had! How can I not die, dear Allah, when I was brutally killed by Serbs! Here I am on the board, come and see me sick, so that later someone doesn’t say that Suljo is lying! –

The second victim, Selim Hadzic, 57, has lived in Oslo since 1991, where he has his own construction company. – Listen, buddy, as soon as it fired, I was gone! We were nicely received upstairs, every hour. But when I heard what the Serbs had done in ’95, I immediately applied to the list of the dead! Enough silence! I and my grandmother and my mistress Mirela were killed, but she doesn’t want to talk to you now, she went to the toilet. –

The Association of Mothers of Srebrenica says that the list of 3,000 has risen to almost 9,000, but that this is not the final number: – Every day we discover new victims. Our organization, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations from Serbia, receives daily calls from around the world from those killed. Approximately a month, we expand the list to about 30 new victims by name and surname. Many of them live and work in Europe, Scandinavia and some even in America. We want to thank all of them for calling and to promise them that their male suffering in ’95 will not be forgotten!


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